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Tim O’Reilly interviews Ray Kurzweil

IT Conversations brings us this fascinating interview from the 2010 O’Reilly Media Tools of Change Conference. In this interview O’Reilly and Kurzweil explore the full range of topics related to the rapid pace of technological development, the coming Singularity (as defined by Kurzweil) as well as many other topics. Those familiar with Ray Kurzweil’s work will enjoy his numerous perspectives and ideas on; changing business models in publishing, Moore’s Law, accelerating changevirtual realityaugmented reality, the work of Gabriel García Márquez, the books of  Norbert Wiener, nanobots, Google GogglesArtificial Intelligencebrain pacemakers to treat Parkinson’s diseasethe law of accelerating returns and much more. If you liked this talk please support the Conversations Network also check out more talks from this conference at ITC and O’Reilly Media.

Click here to listen or watch the video below.