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The SyNAPSE Project

IBM has created a supercomputer that functions like a human brain. It’s called SyNAPSE or Systems of Neuromorphic Adaptive Plastic Scalable Electronics and it has the ability to learn.  According to DARPA; “The vision for the SyNAPSE program is to develop electronic neuromorphic machine technology that scales to biological levels.  SyNAPSE supports an unprecedented multidisciplinary approach coordinating aggressive technology development activities in the following areas:  hardware, architecture, simulation, and environment.”  Source: DARPA  This technology could change the world and as such it is likely that its very existence will stir both wonder in some and deep fears in others.

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Editors note: As we approach the Singularity it is important to keep a level head and an open mind about these ground breaking developments. There will always be the need to ask questions, have debates and consider the implications of what it means to live in a world of thinking machines. At EBG we see debate about these topics as a good thing, but fear and millenarian proclamations about this development or that development only serve to stifle healthy debate and ultimately contributes to a world view that sees technology only as something to fear.