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Ray Kurzweil on Closer to Truth

In this fascinating series of short talks from the PBS series Closer to Truth Ray Kurzweil touches on a broad range of topics, this series is well worth the watch.

  1.  What is the far future of humans in the universe?
  2.  How are brains conscious?
  3.  What is the far future of intelligence in the universe?
  4.  What is the nature of personal identity?
  5.  Are we living in a simulation?
  6.  What things are conscious?
  7.  Does cosmology provide meaning?
  8.  Is life and mind inevitable in the universe?
  9.  Where are they, all those aliens?
  10.  Why is consciousness so mysterious?
  11.  How do brains function?
  12.  What’s creativity and who is creative?
  13.  How does creativity work at work?
  14.  Why are music and art so exhilarating?
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Tim O’Reilly interviews Ray Kurzweil

IT Conversations brings us this fascinating interview from the 2010 O’Reilly Media Tools of Change Conference. In this interview O’Reilly and Kurzweil explore the full range of topics related to the rapid pace of technological development, the coming Singularity (as defined by Kurzweil) as well as many other topics. Those familiar with Ray Kurzweil’s work will enjoy his numerous perspectives and ideas on; changing business models in publishing, Moore’s Law, accelerating changevirtual realityaugmented reality, the work of Gabriel García Márquez, the books of  Norbert Wiener, nanobots, Google GogglesArtificial Intelligencebrain pacemakers to treat Parkinson’s diseasethe law of accelerating returns and much more. If you liked this talk please support the Conversations Network also check out more talks from this conference at ITC and O’Reilly Media.

Click here to listen or watch the video below.

Ray Kurzweil on the coming Technological Singularity

At the Presidential Conference in Israel Ray Kurzweil presented his thoughts and ideas on the coming Technological Singularity. Those that have followed Kurzweil’s work over the years may be familiar with his many inventions, his research and his ideas but the fact remains that many are not. In a world where some people fear smart-meters, social networking, wifi internet and smartphones; it is no wonder that Kurzweil’s ideas have yet to enter mainstream awareness. Nevertheless there are in fact numerous exponential technological changes that are taking place around world that will soon transform life as we know it. Disruptive technologiesdevelopments in computing, human augmentation, advanced robotics, artificial intelligence , transhumanismnanotechnology and genetic modification.  Ray takes on these topics making them accessible to both the layman as well as those well versed in these subjects. This lecture can serve as an excellent introductory crash course in “Singularity 101” for those that wish to learn more about the topics and their broad ranging social implications.