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Ebongeek Visits The LTG Podcast Episode 30

Podcast Episode 30: Walk Right Up and Kick It… This week the Lazy Tech Guys talk about some groundbreaking new technologies. Rad used his knowledge of WordPress to list out important plugins to use and how to use templates. We also discuss Verizon’s LTE coverage, Apple’s lawsuit against HTC, give Spotify impressions and learn to fear robots. Hosts: Victor Bognot Radford Castro, Tony Hannides Sean Wilburn and Special Guest: Ken from Ebongeek.com

Remember you can listen to the show here or download it or subscribe to the LTG podcast in iTunes. For show notes and cutting edge tech news check out the Lazy Tech Guys
01:27 – World First Multi-Material 3D Printer
10:20 – Verizon Wireless Expands LTE Coverage
12:28 – Ground Bot All Terrain Robot
19:07 – Robots Also Play Better When They Read The Manual
23:45 – Apple delivers blow to HTC in Patent Lawsuit
30:35 – Social Hangouts – Video chatting service for FaceBook
33:52 – Spotify Impressions
40:33 – 15 More WordPress Plugins That Are Important For Bloggers
49:05 – Learning How To Modify WordPress templates
51:27 – How High Ranking Blogs Get Buy With Few Posts