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Data Storage Goes Infinite With Bitcasa

This is one of the most innovative services we have seen in a long time, it’s called Bitcasa it provides secure, real-time streaming of all your data seamlessly to the cloud and does so on any device. If you have a Mac, PC, or Linux Box, Bitcasa keeps your data safe and secure. It uses a encryption method called Convergent Encryption to secure customer data which is what makes Bitcasadifferent from other cloud storage offerings. Convergent Encryption uses a function of the hash of the plaintext of a chunk as the encryption key: any client encrypting a given chunk will use the same key to do so, so identical plaintext values will encrypt to identical ciphertext values, regardless of who encrypts them. (Storer, Greenan, Long, Miller) According to Bitcasa CEO Tony Gauda “when you encrypt data, I have a key and you have a key. And let’s say that that these are completely different. Let’s say that we both have the exact same file. I encrypt it with my key and you encrypt it with your key. Now the data looks completely different because the encryption keys are different. Well, what happens if you actually derive the key from the data itself? Now we both have the exact same encryption key and we can de-dupe on the server side.” (Gauda) In his pitch at Disrupt Gauda demonstrated the ability to play two HD videos using Bitcasa. This service could be a major game changer for consumers that never want to worry backing up their data or moving their data from old devices to new devices. The enterprise sector could also benefit from this technology given the ever expanding need to provide its user base with high volume cloud storage solutions.

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Read More: http://techcrunch.com/2011/09/18/bitcasa-explains-encryption/

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