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Data Storage Goes Infinite With Bitcasa

This is one of the most innovative services we have seen in a long time, it’s called Bitcasa it provides secure, real-time streaming of all your data seamlessly to the cloud and does so on any device. If you have a Mac, PC, or Linux Box, Bitcasa keeps your data safe and secure. It uses a encryption method called Convergent Encryption to secure customer data which is what makes Bitcasadifferent from other cloud storage offerings. Convergent Encryption uses a function of the hash of the plaintext of a chunk as the encryption key: any client encrypting a given chunk will use the same key to do so, so identical plaintext values will encrypt to identical ciphertext values, regardless of who encrypts them. (Storer, Greenan, Long, Miller) According to Bitcasa CEO Tony Gauda “when you encrypt data, I have a key and you have a key. And let’s say that that these are completely different. Let’s say that we both have the exact same file. I encrypt it with my key and you encrypt it with your key. Now the data looks completely different because the encryption keys are different. Well, what happens if you actually derive the key from the data itself? Now we both have the exact same encryption key and we can de-dupe on the server side.” (Gauda) In his pitch at Disrupt Gauda demonstrated the ability to play two HD videos using Bitcasa. This service could be a major game changer for consumers that never want to worry backing up their data or moving their data from old devices to new devices. The enterprise sector could also benefit from this technology given the ever expanding need to provide its user base with high volume cloud storage solutions.

For other news from Disrupt 2011 check out LTG’s coverage of the event. And check out the LTG podcast.


Read More: http://techcrunch.com/2011/09/18/bitcasa-explains-encryption/

Convergent Encryption :  Secure Data Deduplication by Mark W. Storer Kevin Greenan Darrell D. E. Long Ethan L. Miller

Storage Systems Research Center University of California, Santa Cruz {mstorer,kmgreen,darrell,elm}@cs.ucsc.edu

Ebongeek Visits The LTG Podcast Episode 36 “The Sounds Of Patent Trolls”

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 46:54 — 42.9MB)

The main feature of today’s show is patents and in particular, Mark Cuban’s suggestions to solving the Patent problems that are plaguing the tech industry right now.  But before we get there, we discuss mobile usage across the U.S., Apple’s offer to Mobile Me users for iCloud and a man making and bringing an full size wearable Iron Man suit.  We also discuss the controversial Google consciences theory that has been presented recently. For show notes and cutting edge tech news check out the Lazy Tech Guys

Hosts: Victor BognotRadford CastroTony HannidesSean Wilburn

Special Guest: Ken from Ebongeek.com

01:05  – Map of mobile OS usage

14:03 – Lightsquared teams with ClearTalk over roaming

16:30 – Google Consciousness

29:37 – MobileMe users get upgraded iCloud storage

32:36  – Using Your PS3 to control Android games

43:42 – Android app round up:  YouTube update, UFC app and LocalMind

48:17 – Man wears an Iron Man MK I exoskeleton suit to work

54:48 –  Mark Cuban’s suggestions for patent law reform
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Ebongeek Visits The LTG Podcast Episode 32 – From The Eye Of The Storm

Podcast Episode 32: From The Eye Of The Storm Today’s podcast covers lots of controversial tech including advertisements that will respond of your brain activity, in-call Skype ads and Rebecca MacKinnon’s work on taking back the internet.  We have long discussion over patent and what’s wrong with the system. Also we talk at length about the DC comics reboot.

Play in new window | Download | LTG on iTunes (Duration: 9:49 — 9.0MB)

Hosts: Victor Bognot, Radford Castro, Tony Hannides, Sean Wilburn

Special Guest: Ken from Ebongeek.com

00:43    PS Vita online features revealed
09:25    Top 5 Paid Android apps
15:10    Ads that read your brain activity
19:57    Google Plus has tallied 20 million users
22:54    Rebecca MacKinnon on taking back the internet
27:54    In-call Skype Ads
32:06    Impulse Technology Sues over Kinect technology
42:15    Battery Saving Methods for mobile devices
48:19    Comic Con conversation – DC comics plan to reboot 50 comics in one month
1:07:30 Rad’s topic shorts


Ebongeek Visits The LTG Podcast Episode 30

Podcast Episode 30: Walk Right Up and Kick It… This week the Lazy Tech Guys talk about some groundbreaking new technologies. Rad used his knowledge of WordPress to list out important plugins to use and how to use templates. We also discuss Verizon’s LTE coverage, Apple’s lawsuit against HTC, give Spotify impressions and learn to fear robots. Hosts: Victor Bognot Radford Castro, Tony Hannides Sean Wilburn and Special Guest: Ken from Ebongeek.com

Remember you can listen to the show here or download it or subscribe to the LTG podcast in iTunes. For show notes and cutting edge tech news check out the Lazy Tech Guys
01:27 – World First Multi-Material 3D Printer
10:20 – Verizon Wireless Expands LTE Coverage
12:28 – Ground Bot All Terrain Robot
19:07 – Robots Also Play Better When They Read The Manual
23:45 – Apple delivers blow to HTC in Patent Lawsuit
30:35 – Social Hangouts – Video chatting service for FaceBook
33:52 – Spotify Impressions
40:33 – 15 More WordPress Plugins That Are Important For Bloggers
49:05 – Learning How To Modify WordPress templates
51:27 – How High Ranking Blogs Get Buy With Few Posts