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Apple Embraces Artificial Intelligence With The Siri Personal Assistant

For decades we have dreamed of using AI and speech to interact with our computers. Countless companies have tried to create this technology and make it usable for the masses. Today Apple gave us a first look at their amazing AI personal assistant called Siri. It listens to you, it understands you and it does what you ask it to do. Siri is a Artificial intelligence personal assistant that allows you to use your iPhone and iPad by simply using your voice. According to technology review;“The technology behind Siri originated in a DARPA-funded research project conducted at private research lab SRI International, and was used to launch a start-up company and the Siri iPhone app in 2009. Siri draws on a number of online sources of information, from weather feeds to local business reviews, as well as the question-and-answer search engine WolframAlpha. Siri is able to find restaurants in response to a query such as “Find me a great Greek restaurant in Palo Alto,” and even offers to book a table. Wolfram Alpha allows Siri to handle requests like “How many dollars is 45 euros?” The personal assistant is also able to take charge of a person’s phone and do things like set alarms or meeting reminders in response to commands like “wake me up at 6 a.m. tomorrow.” Source Technology Review With Siri the future is finally here and best of all its just the beginning.

BTW Remember the Knowledge Navigator from 20 years ago? Who says dreams can’t come true?

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