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Current Research Reflects Sci-fi

by associate contributor tmhwriter
Remember those high-tech interactive screens used in Minority Report when Tom Cruise was investigating “pre-crimes”? Or when the films science advisor John Underkoffler demonstrated the “g-speak” UI concept used in the film at TED 2010. Well now Texas A&M University has developed ZeroTouch, a sensory frame that can turn flat-panel monitors into interactive displays.  With ZeroTouch you can suspend a frame in mid-air and write on a virtual screen or in the example used at the Vancouver ACM CHI Conference, paint on a virtual canvas.  Imagine the endless possibilities and applications for this technology. The “frame contains 256 infrared sensors and 32 LEDs, and each light blinks at a specific frequency that is read in sequence by the sensors. The prototype is so responsive because each LED is blinked in sequence about 2,400 times a second. The frame is connected to a computer via USB, which provides power and collects the data” (Danigelis , 05/2011). We have all seen how the iPad and multi-touch technology has impacted how we interact with data in the mobile arena and revolutionized industries like the magazines and news papers. We believe this technology could do the same for larger interactive interface applications.

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