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Ebongeek Visits The LTG Podcast Episode 40 “Umm Umm It’s Been Boughten”

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On today’s show, we discuss breaking technology and tech ideology like J. Fresco’s vision of the future and Samsung’s Solar powered laptop.  We talk about Mirimax’s expansion onto Facebook and GroupMe’s acquisition by Skype.  On the Mobile Moment, we discuss more 4G rollouts from Verizon, Google TV on Android, the return of the Walkman and Sprints possible acquisition of Clearwire. For show notes and cutting edge tech news check out the Lazy Tech Guys

Hosts: Victor BognotRadford CastroTony HannidesSean Wilburn
Special Guest: Ken Harrell from Ebongeek.com
1:43 – Delayed Fox programming raises piracy.
9:55 – GroupMe is acquired by Skype
18:40 – Jacque Fresco’s Vision of the future
27:58 – Viewsonic Tablet that switches between Windows 7 and Android
38:16 – Sony 3D binoculars
46:16 – Miramax Facebook experience
51:38 – Samsung Solar laptop
1:01:09- Mobile Moment: Verzion expands 4g, Google TV in android SDK, the return of the walkman, Sprint might buy Clearwire, Swift Key X
1:20:33  – The SyNAPSE Project
1:33:11 – Deux Ex Review
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