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The use of military drones and robots are no longer relegated to  the dreams of a far flung future more and more it seems the future is now. Military robotics technology is real ready and in the battlefield over the next decade it will develop faster than anyone just 20 years ago could have predicted or even imagined. In the new web series “Drone” Director Robert Glickert and writer Daniel Casey create a world set in a near future where humanoid robots fight alongside human solders in the battlefield of the future. When things go south however special operations units are forced to track it down before it is too late. Its a another fascinating cautionary tale about the unintended consequences of advanced technology applied to warfare.

Other work by Robert Glickert including Road to Moloch and The Descendent

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The Orbs Are Coming

The Japanese Ministry of Self-Defense has created an impressive spherical flying robot that has remarkable flight capabilities for it’s size and shape. According to the IEEE “It can buzz around at up to 60 kilometers per hour [about 40 mph] or hover stably in narrow spaces like hallways. But its neatest trick is to land by just smacking into the ground and rolling to a stop to absorb the impact. It’s also ideal for operating indoors, since keeping all of the flying and steering components insidethe robot lets it happily bounce off walls, doors, windows, light fixtures, and startled people.” Source:IEEE read more