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Purity First

Ebongeek has covered game trailers before but this one titled “Purity First” is one of the finest we have ever seen. It was created as part of an advertising campaign for the video game Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It is a brilliant piece of viral marketing that blends technological fear mongering, rabid ludditeism and faux propaganda into a kind of nightmare gumbo for the eyes. At the same time, it serves as an interesting cautionary tale about runaway technology, ruthless corporate greed and societal collapse. It is quite creepy and comes off less as science fiction as it does a peek into some strange parallel alternative reality. The fascination we have with these dystopian visions of the future seem to be part of some strange process our society uses or in some way needs to cope with the emergence of new transformative technologies. Nevertheless the trailer is very entertaining and it will likely drive traffic to the game manufacturers site, but why is the underlying message so incredibly negative? Aaron Saenz  of Singularity Hub put it best; “The effort put into this game is phenomenal, but the pessimism is a little much for me to let pass unchallenged. Human augmentation is just a new form of enslavement? Come on. Last time I checked, the real world scientists and companies creating artificial eyes and limbs were much more concerned with helping people than turning them into drug-addicted minions.” Source: Singularity Hub