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Andriod versus iPhone Showdown

This may be the greatest battle of the decade. While developers may favor the Andriod over the iPhone because of OpenSource what does the average consumer truly prefer? Surely the usability of the iPhone scores high because the average consumer may just want something that “works” and could care less about the Operating System.  However, with the rise of mobility, how do both phones compare? Adam Pash’s Lifehackers  article “iPhone vs. Android Showdown: Which Phone Is Best for Power Users?” provides a point by point comparison of both phones. Of course, with Verizon’s recent release of their iPhones and the news that  “Verizon Wireless Chief Executive, Dan Mead said in a statement that in its first two hours of iPhone sales the company “had already sold more phones than any first-day launch” in its history.”(msnbc, 2/2/11) the jury is still out. Is this a battle between Andriod and the iPhone, a battle between Google lovers and Apple loyalists, or a battle between Power Users and everyone else? Does the iPad throw a monkey wrench into battle? What is Google’s answer to the iPad?