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The Coming World Of Abundance

In twenty years will the world be better than it is now or worse? According to author and futurist Dr. Peter H. Diamandis it could be far better than you think and more abundant than can be imagined. When one hears about this idea of a world of abundance immediately the thought of our worlds limited natural resources comes to mind. How could such a world ever come into being when our planet has finite resources that are too often exploited, fought over and in many instances simply squandered. The media bombards us with negative images and messages of a world on the brink of collapse, but these messages may only tell part of the story. Many of the technological advancements achieved over the past two decades have vastly empowered individuals globally in ways that would not have been impossible just a few decades ago. In his new book Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think Diamandis argues that the solutions to the world’s problems will need to come from people like you, by leveraging these powerful emergent technologies.

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