Loan despite debt and Credit Bureau

Generally speaking, a consumer can have as many loans as he wants if he pays them on time and correctly. If the creditworthiness of a consumer is more than excellent, think of the job description of an official, where will the bank not say no to any loan request? It’s no longer unusual these days for consumers to have multiple loans. That would be, for example, the real estate loan and the car loan.

Loans that are very natural and the consumer already serves two loans. If a new loan request is made, it is a loan despite debt. The bank will also approve this loan if the customer’s creditworthiness permits. In the past, however, there were payment problems with negative entries in Credit Bureau, the chances for a loan despite debt and Credit Bureau look different again. Here the consumer often has difficulty obtaining a new loan.

Bypass restricted lending

Bypass restricted lending

In general, it can be assumed that if a loan is applied for despite debt and Credit Bureau, the loan seeker will burden his financial situation again. For example, if a beneficiary needs a loan to buy the necessary household appliances, the job center provides interest-free loans. Anyone who takes out a loan despite debt and Credit Bureau should always check their financial position. In this way, low rates can be made more bearable through a longer term.

If the consumer is striving for debt rescheduling because of the credit installments, even the house bank could agree to a loan despite debt and Credit Bureau. The reason can be seen in the fact that the bank wants their money back. If the situation arises that the customer can no longer pay the current loan installments and that it would be possible with rescheduling, the bank gives in and approves the loan despite debt and Credit Bureau.

German banks can also approve a loan with a bad Credit Bureau. However, this must be a soft feature and it should not necessarily have been a few months since the entry was noted. While the branch bank may provide a loan despite debt and Credit Bureau as a debt rescheduling, the direct bank refuse a Credit Bureau entry. The reason for the credit process is mostly carried out automatically, which means that customers with negative Credit Bureau fall out of the grid of the banks.

If customers with a bad Credit Bureau can name a loan security, the loan should be successful despite the debt and Credit Bureau on approval. For example, if a guarantor is named, the guarantor will be recourse if the borrower can no longer pay. A big risk that the guarantor takes and about it he must be fully informed. Since banks mostly require a joint and several guarantee, the guarantor has no leeway; he is drawn in immediately after the borrower can no longer pay. For a guarantor, this means that he has to pay someone else’s debts.

A guarantor should only do this if there are sufficient assets so that another financial burden can be paid without any problems. It is also not wrong if there is a secure relationship of trust between the borrower and the guarantor. These people have to be solvent, the bank checks the creditworthiness extensively.

Is Credit Bureau-Free Credit the Solution?

Is Credit Bureau-Free Credit the Solution?

Anyone who is now looking for a loan despite debt and Credit Bureau and who is looking for Credit Bureau-free credit will find a lot of advertising for this form of credit. The loan seeker is suggested to get a particularly cheap loan with a freely selectable loan amount. He will find out that this is not the case when applying for a loan. In most cases, a credit agency is commissioned to apply for the loan. This clientele is familiar with the Credit Bureau-free loans and can mediate the so-called Swiss loan.

The peculiarity of this loan is that the Credit Bureau is not queried, the credit is not entered. The customer receives practically an anonymous loan, which the house bank and the employer learn nothing about. However, the banks let this service cost a bit. The interest level is higher than a conventional loan, 11-12% depending on the creditworthiness even higher interest rates. On the other hand, these loans are often the last hope for a hopelessly indebted consumer.

If the financial situation is so tense, no credit and no debt restructuring should be considered, but the path to debt counseling is a good option. There is no use in tapping a hole to stuff others with it. If you no longer get a loan from a conventional bank, you should be so sensible and get professional help. The debt counseling staff will negotiate with the creditors and draw up a debt settlement plan so that the consumer slowly comes safely away from his mountain of debt.

The loan from abroad

The loan from abroad

If it is not possible without a loan because cash is urgently needed, the aforementioned Swiss credit can be applied for. The loan application is made via a credit broker and the necessary credit documents, such as proof of salary and bank statements, are sent to the bank by post. If the bank has checked the documents, approval or rejection may be given.

The peculiarity of this form of loan is shown in the loan amounts. As a rule, 3500 dollars, 5000 dollars or 7500 dollars are approved. Experience has shown that the most approved are 3500 dollars. The customer must have a secure job that must have existed for at least one year. The income must be above the garnishment exemption limit and must have a garnishable share of at least 80 dollars. An example: A single person must therefore receive a net 1,160 dollars so that the attachable and necessary portion exists.

In addition, the customer must be of legal age and reside in Germany. The wages must not be pledged and there must be no oath of disclosure.

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