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Japanese Dream Recording Machine

Japanese scientists have created the first step toward a device that, by scanning people’s brains, could record people’s dreams and read their mind. A science lab in Kyoto, Japan has developed a system of using MRI scanners to resolve images directly from subject’s brains. The current experiments show a subject an image and then reconstruct that image based on scans of the brain’s visual cortex. The team calibrated a computer program by scanning volunteers staring at hundreds of different still images in black, white and grey. Then, the computer program reproduces the figures and letters that the volunteers had seen, albeit more blurry than the originals. The next step for researchers will be to study how to visualize images inside people’s minds that have not been presented before – a technology that could make it possible to record people’s dreams.

VASIMR: hope or hype for Mars exploration?

“A human mission to Mars has to overcome any number of challenges, technological and otherwise, but one of the biggest is the long travel times to go to Mars and back. NASA’s notional concept for a human Mars mission, the Design Reference Architecture, seeks to minimize that travel time with a “fast” trajectory that gets a crew from Earth to Mars in six months, with an equal length for a return trip. That’s within the experience base NASA and other agencies have accumulated on the International Space Station and Mir, but in a different radiation environment than an interplanetary mission. Moreover, an ISS crew has the ability to return to Earth within hours in the event of an emergency, an option not available for a Mars-bound crew.” Read more