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Liquid Batteries Poised to Bridge The Renewable Energy Gap

The problem with our best and cleanest renewal energy sources like wind and solar is that the energy they produce must be used as it is being generated or it requires storage using pumped storage hydroelectricity which is not always practical or entirely cost effective. MIT Professor Donald Robert Sadoway may have cracked the problem with the development of the Liquid Metal Battery. According to Sadoway “The battery is unlike any other. The electrodes are molten metal, and the electrolyte that conducts current between them is a molten salt. This results in an unusually resilient device that can quickly absorb large amounts of electricity. The electrodes can operate at electrical currents “tens of times higher than any battery that’s ever been measured.” Source Technology Review 


Nasa’s Growing Interest In Low Energy Nuclear Reactions

LENR or low energy nuclear reactions is a promising area of energy research perused by a small number of scientists around the world.  LENR is in essence “cold fusion” the term is used because it carries far less historic baggage. Recently scientists at the Langley Research Center posted a video about NASA’s interest and research in LENR. It seems now that if the growing body of research proves viable the worlds energy problems (as well as many others) could take a dramatic turn for the better. According to Dennis Bushnell, Chief Scientist, NASA, Langley there are numerous applications that could emerge as a result of LENR research including;

– Superb light weight power / energy sources for home, industrial and space applications
– Reduced Low Earth Orbit and in space propulsion weights / costs
– Terrestrial nuclear power and energy without Radiation protection or safety issues
– Enables the development of quiet electrically powered VTOL aircraft and extended range electric vehicles.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, according to Bushnell; “depending upon the TBD performance, appears to be capable of Revolutionizing Aerospace across the board. No other single technology even comes close to the potential impacts of LENR upon Agency Missions” (Bushnell)

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Researchers and Labs Perusing Low Energy Nuclear Reactions:
Michael McKubrePamela Mosier-Boss,Rusi P. Taleyarkhan, Andrea RossiEnergetics Technologies
Navy’s Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center (SPAWAR)

Is Volkswagen Really Producing A $600 200mpg Car In China?

By now you have probably seen the rumor yet again all over the net announcing;  “New Car From China for $600.00 US Dollars”…well here is what Ebongeek found. This rumor first made its appearance back in 2002 with the 1-litre car from Volkswagen. It was a prototype single passenger vehicle with an impressive 200+ mile per gallon fuel rating.

Fast forward to the 2009 Frankford Auto Show, VW reveals a much more refined concept vehicle called the VW L1, similar in many respects to the 1-litre car but with the sleek styling and modern design elements we have come to expect from German engineering. According to the VW press release “the L1 Concept – a diesel-electric hybrid vehicle constructed from aluminum and carbon fiber weighing just 380 kg and capable of returning 189 mpg on the combined cycle while emitting just 39 g/km of CO2. The L1 Concept draws inspiration from the original 1-litre car, unveiled in April 2002 when Dr. Ferdinand Piech, then Chairman of the Board of Management, drove the concept between Wolfsburg and Hamburg. At that time producing the carbon fiber reinforced plastic body was simply not viable. With modern production processes, large-scale manufacture of such structures is now possible.” (Notice reference to the “original 1-litre car”?)

This is the vehicle Ebongeek editors believe VW may actually bring to market it’s called the Volkswagen XL1 Super Efficient Vehicle . We estimate that with conventional production methods it would most likely not be economically feasible to bring this vehicle to market for anything under $10,500 us dollars.

Unconventional Fusion Research The Forbidden Science

In science replication of experimental findings and verification of reported claims rules the day. Unless a researchers findings can be reproduced and independently verified it is deemed illegitimate and the research is not only completely abandoned but forever condemned by the scientific world. The mere mention of the men and women that find themselves on the wrong side of the scientific world can cause some to question the judgment and legitimacy of those that even utter their names. In a time when the worlds energy needs are approaching critical levels can we truly afford to so quickly write off such research?

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Researchers and Labs Perusing Low Energy Nuclear Reactions:
Michael McKubrePamela Mosier-Boss,Rusi P. TaleyarkhanEnergetics Technologies
Navy’s Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center (SPAWAR)