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Destiny could be the game you have been waiting for

Destiny the new upcoming game franchise from Bungie promises to be its biggest and most ambitious project yet. From what’s been released thus far Destiny looks truly awe-inspiring to say the least. It is as if the team at Bungie reached into the deepest dreams of every Sci-Fi fan on the planet and extracted out the pure essence of a kind of world we always hoped for and knew was somehow possible but never expected to ever truly see or experience in any tangible way other than inside our imagination. They have taken that feeling of wonder and emotion you experience from the best of Sci-Fi cover art and fleshed it out into a world that looks lived in and plausible. A world not like Star Wars, not like HALO, not like Mass Effect but something wonderfully and refreshingly new.




The Oculus Rift

In the 90’s virtual reality was touted to be the next great leap in computer interface technology. The idea was to combine a stereoscopic head mounted display, interface glove and real-time head tracking to create a 3D immersive experience in an entirely computer generated environment. The problem was these early displays designs were often bulky and very expensive. The sensor technology used for head tracking twenty two years ago was slow and the displays never provided a truly immersive experience. What makes the Oculus Rift unique is the use of the latest lightweight, high density, low cost display and sensor technology to provide a wide 110 degree diagonal field of view for the user. The Oculus Rift is generating interest from the world’s top game designers. For the first time a truly affordable stereoscopic head mounted display is now much closer to entering into the mainstream.

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“The Last Of Us” Looks Quite Simply Amazing

The soon to be released “The Last Of Us” from Naughty Dog looks quite simply amazing. Judging from the trailer that was shown at E3 2012 we don’t know if it was a pandemic plague, a zombie apocalypse, an alien invasion, or the fulfillment of Mayan prophesy but something happened to transform this world into a post apocalyptic wasteland fit only for the cleaver, crafty and strong willed to survive. In our post nine eleven reality it seems (in US at least) we are absolutely obsessed with the idea of the collapse of American civilization, which is often what makes games in this genre so popular. On one level the fall of civilization is greatly feared and there is a great anxiety built up around the notion that if we don’t “change course” somehow a post apocalyptic future awaits us. We seem to be unable or unwilling to actually do the necessary thing (whatever it is) to avoid it. Strangely apocalyptic fantasy continues to occupy a kind of dark fantasy someplace deep within the psyche of the western mind. Perhaps games like this serve as a kind of psychological release valve for the ever increasing anxiety many feel when they try to think on what the future may hold.

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SWTOR Takes The World by Storm

What better way to celebrate the holidays than to spend countless hours with friends and family playing Star Wars Old Republic the new MMO from Bioware. Ebongeek staff has been absolutely immersed in this game since early launch, as a result our staff has walked away from World Of Warcraft as its lore sadly drifts into a rather absurd state of “panda-monium” . Fortunately, Star Wars Old Republic is similar in many ways to World Of Warcraft but as good as it is Bioware will need to continuously improve the game if they want to keep subscribers happy. Leveling is decently paced, the user interface is simple and easy to use but needs more customization options, space combat needs a major EVE style overhaul given that the current build is quite simply space combat on rails. However despite its few short comings Star Wars Old Republic is an outstanding game so get out there and “Choose Your Side”.

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