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You Are Not Alone

The Man Of Steel is back this time under the direction of the legendary Zack Snyder and producer Christopher Nolan. We have high hopes for this reboot of Superman so watch out for it in theaters June 14 2013. Until then check out this creepy trailer that gives some indication of the rather serious tone of this re-envisioned version of the story.

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Elysium is Coming

The rich live above in the heavens while the rest of us live below, after looking at the trailer from Neill Blomkamp‘s newest film Elysium Earth is not the place you want to be. If you love dystopian  Sci-Fi  you are going to love this.

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Cloud Atlas

It seems like once every few years or so a film comes along that you really look forward to seeing for our editors it’s Cloud Atlas. Based on the novel by David Mitchell  the film consists of six intertwined stories spanning hundreds of years from 1850 to the mid 22nd century to sometime after the complete breakdown of global civilization referred to only as “the fall” in a distant post-apocalyptic future. The trailer is awe inspiring to say the least so check it out. Cloud Atlas opens October 26th 2012.

The first song is: “Sonera” by Thomas J. Bergersen

The second song is: “Outro” by M83

The piano song is: “Cloud Atlas Sextet”

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The use of military drones and robots are no longer relegated to  the dreams of a far flung future more and more it seems the future is now. Military robotics technology is real ready and in the battlefield over the next decade it will develop faster than anyone just 20 years ago could have predicted or even imagined. In the new web series “Drone” Director Robert Glickert and writer Daniel Casey create a world set in a near future where humanoid robots fight alongside human solders in the battlefield of the future. When things go south however special operations units are forced to track it down before it is too late. Its a another fascinating cautionary tale about the unintended consequences of advanced technology applied to warfare.

Other work by Robert Glickert including Road to Moloch and The Descendent

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