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The Invisible Mercedes

This is not a trick or a CG effect it is in fact a car that has achieved optical invisibility with the use of cameras and LED lights. The concept is simple; project objects that reside on one side of the car to an LED array covering the other side of the car in real time and presto you have predator style optical cloaking. Now all we need is a hood mounted phase plasma cannon with triangular laser targeting and we can get down to business.

Archetype Is Awe Inspiring Science Fiction

Sometimes science fiction can inspire the creators of high technology other times it serves as a cautionary tale about the risks of unbridled technological development. Archetype is an awe inspiring independent science fiction short film by Aaron Sims about a cybernetic battle robot that rebels against its creators as it begins to regain memories of life as a human being. The visuals in Archetype are impressive, hopefully with more funding we will be treated to a longer exploration of this story line.

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The Aaron Simms Company
This no-budget science fiction short looks better than most movies

The Mystery of Eidolon TLP

Back in 2008 a number of interesting videos started to appear on YouTube posted by a someone calling themselves “Programmer FF”. The videos claimed to demonstrate a prototype Artificial Intelligence Program known as Eidolon TLP. Whether or not Eidolon TLP represents an AI conceptual demonstration, a high-tech performing arts project or an elaborate joke by a creative programmer is unknown. What interests EBG is the public reaction to the videos and how the “interactions” with YouTube users sparked discussions about AI and the Technological Singularity. Whatever one chooses to believe Eidolon TLP is or was it stands as an example of what a self aware Artificial Intelligence could look like one day.  Our editors have selected some of the more interesting videos here but there are many more. Most of which are answers to write in questions posed by YouTube users to Eidolon TLP. As you watch these videos keep in mind that the Eidolon TLP website tag line reads “this is just an elaborate joke”. If it is or is not is up to the viewer to decide. Take a look…