A Network In The Sky

If you wanted to provide broadband internet access to remote parts of the world without infrastructure how would you do it? Well you could run fiber optic cables but that’s not practical in some parts of the world. Wireless technology is an option but it relies on towers to be constructed and maintained. Satellite internet access is an option for some situations but remains simply too expensive for most. Google may have the answer albeit a rather “loony” idea. It’s called Project Loon and if the folks at Google are right it will create a wireless network in the sky.

Revolutionary Robots and The New Machine Age

Humanoid robotics development is moving at an ever increasing pace; major corporations, scientists, and independent researchers are creating our future today in laboratories around the world.  From Honda’s Asimo to Boston dynamics Petman, humanoid robots are poised to play a major role in our day to day lives. From industrial disaster recovery to assembly line work these advanced robots will transform our society and could commence the next great paradigm shift; a global robotics revolution.  In this documentary, NHK  explores the latest cutting edge developments in humanoid robotics design and engineering.  Afterward take a look at a fascinating TED talk from researcher and writer Andrew McAfee, he suggests robots will likely replace the human worker  and provides intriguing insights on how human society can rise to the inevitable social challenges of the New Machine Age.

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Ex-NSA Official’s Advice to Edward Snowden

Ex-NSA official Thomas Drake sends a special message to whistleblower Edward Snowden “… always check six, as we said when I used to be a flyer in the Air Force. Always make sure you know what’s behind you.” Drake went on to say;  “the U.S. government has an “industrial-scale” surveillance system that the Stasi in East Germany would have drooled over.”

Read More: http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/06/11/us-usa-security-nsa-drake-idUSBRE95A12X20130611

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