Robot Combat League is “Real Steel” for real

These are not your nice cuddly, Saturday afternoon robots, these are kick ass, custom designed battle bots, yep folks its that kind of show.  The Robot Combat League premiers February 26th 2013 on the SyFy Channel. Each week the show will feature robotic gladiatorial combat controlled by operators using an exoskeleton controller. Kind of reminds you of the 2011 movie Real Steel  staring Hugh Jackman, just set now and not in the near future. Actually since the movie came out back in 2011 and this is now 2013 this is the future from the perspective from someone in the year 2011 so…anyway check it out.

Destiny could be the game you have been waiting for

Destiny the new upcoming game franchise from Bungie promises to be its biggest and most ambitious project yet. From what’s been released thus far Destiny looks truly awe-inspiring to say the least. It is as if the team at Bungie reached into the deepest dreams of every Sci-Fi fan on the planet and extracted out the pure essence of a kind of world we always hoped for and knew was somehow possible but never expected to ever truly see or experience in any tangible way other than inside our imagination. They have taken that feeling of wonder and emotion you experience from the best of Sci-Fi cover art and fleshed it out into a world that looks lived in and plausible. A world not like Star Wars, not like HALO, not like Mass Effect but something wonderfully and refreshingly new.