Hugo de Garis on Cyborgs, Early Human Augmentations and The Power of Technology

In this honest and frank set of interviews Hugo de Garis speaks on a huge range of topics from cyborgs and their possible impacts on global society, to early human augmentations and how they could serve to cause humanity to redefine what it is to be human. de Garis never pulls punches when it comes to expressing his point of view,  in fact it much of what he has to say may seem abhorrent to some, nevertheless here he shares his views seemingly without filter, speaking on the power of high technology and it’s transformative effects on individuals around the world as well as those that are threatened by the current pace of technological change in the pre Singularity era.

Cyborgs, Early Human Augmentations

The Power of Technology, Industrial Revolution vs The Singularity, Luddites

Approaches to AI, Neuroscience, Engineering, intelligence Theory, Cyborgs

The Singularity – Species Dominance, World Views, Majority, Deism