The Coming Age of Augmented Reality

Imagine a pair of glasses that allows you to see a world covered in real time location aware data, where information is integrated into everything you look at touch or interact with. If you want to know where an address is relative to where you are, the Google map moves from your Android Phone into your visual field of view. A call comes in, you can either check your phone or just glance at the caller ID info floating in front of you. Need to know how to set up a tent, put together a baby bed or pitch the perfect fastball? The augmented reality application running on your smart phone streams to your glasses and overlays instructions on top of real world objects in real time. Imagine you are at a meeting and you see someone you worked with ten years ago but you don’t remember the person’s name, you look again and see that the person has both a Facebook and a LinkedIn profile, there is a 89% facial recognition match with the profiles now floating above the persons head but only you can see this thanks to augmented reality. Like so many other emerging technologies it sounds like science fiction but if companies like Google have their way it won’t be for very much longer.  For many months now there have been rumors stirring all over the Net about Google’s latest development project to create a augmented reality device that will overlay images, graphics and video into a users field of view. So think about the myriad of applications you currently use on your smart phone extended into your glasses, could such a thing even be possible? When you see the work coming out of the R&D labs of companies like Lumus, Vuzix and  Laster it seems clear we are well on our way to an augmented reality.