A Fusion Reactor In The Garage

Adolescence can be a challenging time for a young person, on the one hand you are no longer child but on the other you are not precisely an adult either, sadly you are stuck between worlds. For some this stage of life is fraught with struggle, angst and relentless biological temptations. For a few however adolescence can be a time of tremendous creativity, ingenuity and intellectual exploration. In this TED Talk Taylor Wilson describes why he thinks nuclear fusion could hold the key to our planets energy future and he should know, he built his first fusion reactor at the age of 14.

So What Were You Doing At 14?

When Creative Machines Overtake Man

For many the advent of intelligent machines marks either the dawn of a new technological age or  the start of doomsday. The reality however may be far different than we can possibly imagine.  In this TED talk Jürgen Schmidhuber explores the possible future scenario when the power of intelligent machines surpasses the power and capability of the human brain. Creative machines that can learn, adapt and evolve could fundamentally transform life as we know it. The tools and applications of such a technological development at this point in time are difficult to imagine. If Schmidhuber is correct it could be the machines themselves that bring about the next wave of scientific and technological solutions mankind needs to overcome the complex problems we face as a species.