SWTOR Takes The World by Storm

What better way to celebrate the holidays than to spend countless hours with friends and family playing Star Wars Old Republic the new MMO from Bioware. Ebongeek staff has been absolutely immersed in this game since early launch, as a result our staff has walked away from World Of Warcraft as its lore sadly drifts into a rather absurd state of “panda-monium” . Fortunately, Star Wars Old Republic is similar in many ways to World Of Warcraft but as good as it is Bioware will need to continuously improve the game if they want to keep subscribers happy. Leveling is decently paced, the user interface is simple and easy to use but needs more customization options, space combat needs a major EVE style overhaul given that the current build is quite simply space combat on rails. However despite its few short comings Star Wars Old Republic is an outstanding game so get out there and “Choose Your Side”.

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