Networked Society Intelligent Connected and Powerful

The last two decades have been tremendously transformative, the internet has connected our society globally in ways that could never have been conceived. Today internet technologies are sill changing society on every level. But what will the next 20 years bring and how different will life be? These short documentaries by Ericssion Multi Media explore the past present and possible future of our ever changing networked world.

Featured Individuals:

Ola Ahlvarsson founder of

Eric Wahlforss Of Sound Cloud

Elisabet Gretarsdottir Marketing Director of EvE Online

David Rowan Chief Editor of Wired Magazine UK

Carlota Perez Researcher, Lecturer and International Consultant

Don Tapscott One of the world’s leading authorities on innovation, media, and the economic and social impact of technology

Vent Cerf  Computer scientist, recognized as one of the creators of the internet

Jeffrey Cole director of the Annenberg Center for the Digital Future

Charles Ledbeater Leading authority on innovation and creativity

Michael Dell CEO of Dell

Will Steffen Executive Director of the Climate Change Institute at the Australian National University, Canberra

Jeffrey D. Sachs is the Director of The Earth Institute