How Nano Scale Materials Will Enable Next Generation Energy Production

Modern energy production methods generate energy in one area and transmit it to another. But what if we could generate all the energy we needed right where we are? What if we could reduce the cost of sea water desalination by leveraging the power of nano-science? In this talk Justin Hall-Tipping of Nanoholgings suggests that we could one day do just that. For the last six years he has traveled the globe to seek out top university researchers and their work which he believes hold the technological keys necessary to make cheap clean power that will transform how we generate, store and use energy. The technique involves the use of Versafilm a carbon nanotube film combined with a polymer to create a unique overlay material that can adhere to the surface of a window to harvest energy during the day and produce light at night.  According to Tipping the next generation energy system will require no massive infrastructure, complex power grid or centralized control.  It places the ability to generate power into your hands and best of all you decide what to do with it.