The SARCOS Teleoperated Heavy Lift Robot

It looks like Xenomorphs better watch their back, Raytheon corporation has created a new robot design that is strangely reminiscent of the fictional Power Loader from the 1986 Aliens sequel. It’s a teleoperated heavy lift robot based on a ditch witch except this one packs two massive robotic arms. The idea is to supplement and amplify the movements of the operator which can choose to manipulate the arms while onboard or from a remote location. Capable of lifting over 300 pounds this robot could work in hazardous environments too dangerous for humans. So you may be wondering when you can pick up your own heavy lift robot the answer is a whole lot sooner than you may think.

(KSL News 5 has been nominated for the 2011 “Most Inappropriate End of News Story Comment” of the year award)