The Genomic Revolution

What happens when the power of whole genome sequencing crosses paths with the law of accelerating returns? Some believe such a convergence of events is well underway, although the reality of its presence and full impact has yet to reach mainstream awareness. It is a new revolution unlike any other, a Genomic Revolution. The arrival of inexpensive, rapid, next generation gene sequencing technology will bring us massive amounts of information about ourselves and the people around us both locally and globally in interesting and surprising new ways. It will allow us to quite literally look inside ourselves to see both our genetic past and our potential futures.  Every arena of life from politics to health care to interpersonal relationships will be influenced and ultimately shaped by the power of genetic information.  We will discover and treat diseases earlier, we will find out who we are really related  to and will be challenged to redefine who we are as human beings. In this TED talk Richard Resnick CEO of GenomeQuest explores the implications of the Genomic Revolution.

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