The Coming Zombie Apocalypse

Throughout our history mankind has been plagued by its fear of death, fear of the unknown and most importantly, fear of those that refuse to remain dead. Individuals infected with VMIOs or Victus Mortuus Infectious Organisms within as little as 24 hours of exposure quickly succumb to VM Syndrome (commonly referred to as Zombification). Once thought to be merely a staple of science fiction we now know that so called “Zombies” are real and represent a dangerous and growing threat to global security. There are many examples of disease causing organisms that have been associated with VMS but the precise cause remains a mystery. Sources tell Ebongeek that it is not a matter of if a Zombie Apocalypse will occur, its a matter of when.  The United States Center for Disease Control has provided guidelines on how individuals can prepare for just such a disaster while others have taken a different approach to preparedness.  Outbreaks although rare do occur but are usually handled with the use of massive controlled incineration of the infected areas. A recently declassified report exposed the truth about the secret “Wildfire Protocol” and the joint transnational taskforce created to deal with the Zombie threat. Many that have attempted to expose the truth of the growing  threat have been silenced or disappeared by those that seek to keep the truth hidden from the public. Cover stories have been created to mislead the public which explains why so many fail to heed the warnings.

Be Prepared:
Know Your Enemy:
Educate yourself:

And Happy Halloween! From the Staff of Ebongeek :)

Microsoft Envisions A Future But Are They Truly Capable Of Creating It

We have seen this before, it’s a concept video designed to show off  what one company envisions for the future. Some companies are able to turn their visions into reality while others struggle to achieve their vision. Others seem to lose their way entirely, in time forgetting the great vision they once had. Microsoft had all the ingredients they needed to dominate the tablet market segment, the smart phone segment and internet search yet missed the mark allowing other companies to surge ahead of them. So it is no surprise that we here at Ebongeek are quite skeptical about the likelyhood that Microsoft can deliver on this beautiful vision they have created. To its credit these videos are well produced, awe inspiring and futuristic. Its a world where technology is everywhere, seemingly embedded and integrated into everything from the tables to the walls, the tools and applications depicted appear not only useful but truly beautiful. Oddly that’s the problem, Microsoft’s future vision is not truly as radical and revolutionary as one would expect or hope for. This future is just like now but better, with wider, thinner, brighter and faster versions of devices and applications that exist today. If one is to strive for a vision of the future it must be more than a better version of the present it must be truly transformative and revolutionary. So come on Microsoft surprise us, astound us, show us something we have never seen before. Are you up to the challenge?

How Nano Scale Materials Will Enable Next Generation Energy Production

Modern energy production methods generate energy in one area and transmit it to another. But what if we could generate all the energy we needed right where we are? What if we could reduce the cost of sea water desalination by leveraging the power of nano-science? In this talk Justin Hall-Tipping of Nanoholgings suggests that we could one day do just that. For the last six years he has traveled the globe to seek out top university researchers and their work which he believes hold the technological keys necessary to make cheap clean power that will transform how we generate, store and use energy. The technique involves the use of Versafilm a carbon nanotube film combined with a polymer to create a unique overlay material that can adhere to the surface of a window to harvest energy during the day and produce light at night.  According to Tipping the next generation energy system will require no massive infrastructure, complex power grid or centralized control.  It places the ability to generate power into your hands and best of all you decide what to do with it.