An Eye For An Eyeborg

Filmmaker Rob Spence lost his eye to an accident but this tragic event gave birth to a radical vision to make himself a cyborg. According to TechCrunch; “Spence has worked with a team of engineers to adapt an endoscope into a working in-socket video camera. It’s turned on by waving a magnet near it, at which point it will begin transmitting a wireless video signal to a handheld LCD viewer. What’s yet to be accomplished with an artificial eye is hooking it up effectively to the visual cortex, and that is still years away from being practical at least, for producing any kind of detail. Existing cortical microelectrode arrays just don’t have the density required, and as a result produce something only loosely definable as an image.” Source TechCrunch The new emerging technology of prosthetics and augmentation is advancing rapidly, so much so that it blurs the distinction between science and science fiction.