Jacque Fresco’s Inspiring Vision Of A Future

He may be one of the most underrated visionary design futurists of the 20th century. Born in Brooklyn New York in 1916; Jacque Fresco is a self-educated structural designer, philosopher of science, concept artist, educator urban planner and futurist. During his life Fresco, created thousands of design ideas, he holds numerous patents on architectural designs, transportation systems and medical devices. What started as an effort to match design concepts with form and function evolved in to an entire design philosophy that takes a human centered approach to industrial design and large scale social planning. Fresco has created entire city systems that are visually stunning, functional, elegant and resource efficient. His design approach extends the planning, resource usage and automated assembly systems required to implement his ideas. Although his designs are ambitious, future focused and functional some that have seen Fresco’s work consider him to be a nothing more than a utopian dreamer. Others see his work as simply too impractical, merely conceptual or simply too unrealistic to ever come to fruition. According to Fresco; “We do not believe in the erroneous notion of a utopian society. There is no such thing. Societies are always in a state of transition. We propose an alternative direction, which addresses the causes of many of our problems. There are no final frontiers for human and technological achievement.” The fact is Jacque Fresco is a big thinker, his work seeks to redesign human civilization from the ground up.

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