Singularity and Immortality

What would it be like to live 50 years longer than normal, would you want to live longer if you had the chance? Now how about living for 100 years or even a 1000 years or more? Some believe that within just 25 to 30 years this could become a technically attainable possibility.Dr. Aubrey de Grey imagines world where the human lifespan is dramatically increased via a multidisciplinary scientific research approach to “cure” ageing. de Grey is working with top scientists from around the world to bring together the research efforts of molecular biologists, geneticists, stem cell experts and bioengineers to vastly increase the human lifespan and ultimately (in his words) to conquer death. He calls it SENS Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence. He believes that with his approach we could live longer and halt the aging process.

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