Workplace Cosplay In a MARK 1 Exoskeleton Armor Suit

When artist and office worker Wang Kang showed up to work in a 50kg exoskeleton armor suit his colleagues were somewhat concerned to say the least. According to Kang; “No colleagues knew my mission, and some of them froze there in seeing me approach. Some were even screaming for being scared”. According to io9 “after convincing security to let him in, Mr. Kang’s suit filled his coworkers with terror and lust. Wang spent three months crafting the 50 kilogram suit, made from high density foam, wires and an assortment of tubes.” Source: io9  The suit is a work of absolute brilliance, its big, its intimidating, its unmistakably an Iron Man suit, but you have to ask yourself; what would you do if you saw this coming toward you?