2nd Generation Superconducting Maglev

Inventors Dr. Gordon Danby and Dr. James Powell, are working to build the nations next generation transportation system based on Superconducting Maglev rail. Large scale transportation infrastructure plays a vital role in a nations economic success. In the United States both the Transcontinental Railroad and the Interstate Highway System provide the primary backbone for the free movement of goods throughout the country. In recent years however the situation both in the US and around the world has changed dramatically. As countries compete for scarce oil resources, more efficient transportation systems will become necessary to ensure the world’s economic stability and future growth. One unique feature of Danby and Powell’s system is the ability to carry fully-loaded trucks which could allow freight carriers to roll-on and roll-off the train at a fraction of the cost of normal shipping methods. This innovation could lead to a much smaller carbon foot print for the commercial shipping industry and less wear and tear on our Interstate Highways System.
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