The GroundBot All Terrain Robot

The GroundBot from Swedish company RotundusRobotics takes a new spin on robotics design. At first glance you can tell this robot is not playing around, it looks mean and aggressive but the rounded design is what makes the all terrain GroundBot uniquely capable of navigating around different types of obstacles and terrain types. According to the company ” it operates in most terrain including deep snow, ice, mud and sand. It also floats on water. GroundBot is surprisingly light. Conventional surveillance robots, tipping the scales at over 200 kg, have a tendency to get bogged down in soft, unresisting surfaces. It weighs just 25 kg and can roll across all kinds of surfaces with ease.” Source: RotundusRobotics One can’t help but think that if you saw a squadron of GroundBots coming at you at night with headlights blazing, ones natural reaction would be to run away and fast. Fortunately GroundBots are here to help us, serving as a highly flexible mobile surveillance platform for a wide variety of security applications including; airport patrol, harbor protection and border security.