Knowing Yourself By The Numbers With Self Tracking

We wake up in the morning as we do every morning and carry out our daily routines. Although we may not realize it, we generate massive amounts of data everyday just by living out our lives. We use pedometers to track the number of steps we take and miles we run. If we are on a weight loss program we may track how many calories we consume. Our individual coordinates change throughout the day as we move from location to location, the amount of internet bandwidth we consume each day changes with our web browsing habits, we generate a larger or at times smaller carbon foot print with the amount of energy we use. Some moments we may feel happy or at times melancholy, we spend time remembering the past while planning for the future. Imagine being able to capture all that data to quantify every aspect of  our being, now imagine being able to analyze that data to better understand why we do what we do and use the knowledge we attain to improve our lives.  To some Self Tracking is more than mere high tech naval gazing, there is a growing movement of individuals that have come to believe that QS or the Quantified Self can lead to a better life.