Will Apple Announce the new iPhone 5 at the WWDC 2011?

The buzz around the web is building about just what surprises Apple will have for us at the WWDC. We here at Ebongeek have our own wish list of features we would like to see in iOS 5 and but according to Techcrunch “this isn’t just about iOS 5. This is about Apple’s entire software backbone. iOS and OS X are both about to receive massive upgrades at the same time. And both will likely be extensively previewed at WWDC. Add to this Apple’s iCloud announcements (which may or may not include the “iCloud” music stuff) and you suddenly have a WWDC that looks anything but boring, new iPhone or not.” We won’t know for sure until Monday but until then check out this sneak peek from the folks over at cnet.com and www.janmichaelcart.com for what may be coming our way sometime soon. Also make sure to check out the WWDC 2011 live stream here on Ebongeek.com

The First Quantum Machine

Aaron O’Connell has created a machine that can exist in two different places at once.  Using a mechanical oscillator cooled to a temperature of 25 mK, O’Connell was able to achieve a quantum mechanical ground state in his device. His team was able to use “the rules of quantum mechanics to simultaneously set the paddle moving while leaving it standing still. The experiment shows that the principles of quantum mechanics can apply to everyday objects as well as atomic-scale particles.” Source: Nature