Military Robotics A Revolution in War

Something big is going on in the history of war according to Brookings researcher Peter W. Singer, author of “Wired for War: The Robotics Revolution and Conflict in the 21st Century.”  What was once science fiction more and more is quickly becoming a reality of modern-day warfare. Remote operated unmanned combat air vehicles, automated machine guns and bomb defusing robots are only the beginning, the military establishments of the world are headed down a road that will make take mechanized warfare to the next level. With current technology there is usually a human being in the loop, a remote operator flying  a drone thousands of miles away or a bomb technician guiding an explosive ordnance disposal robot hundreds of feet away. This will not always be the case. After all humans are slow, they become tired, they need rest, they feel pain and empathy for others, combat robots on the other hand need none of these things. Read more: Waging War With Robots, The U.S. Military’s New Warriors: Robots, War of the Robots — All Too Real Questions We Have to Ask