Maker Culture in Libya Turns Scraps Into Weapons

Scientists and engineers in Libya are taking maker culture to the next level by transforming battlefield scrap into highly innovative, useful and effective weapon systems. Their creations stand as an example of what’s possible when you combine engineering, creativity and determination. According to the IEEE “it’s a vivid illustration of the potential implications of a rapidly descending barrier to entry for this kind of technology. Anyone can (on principle, at least) build a robot, and given the need or the motivation, anyone can put a gun on one, too. Second, the fact that anyone can build something like this is an equally vivid illustration that despite whatever qualms we may have about military robotics, it’s not only going to happen, it’s happening already. Whatever the ethical implications may be, this is becoming the new reality faster than we might like, and it’s something that we’re going to have to prepare for.” These high-tech rebels also illustrate the fact that you don’t need a billion dollars to create a  high-tech weapon, all you need is creativity, ingenuity and a strong determination to be free from oppression.