Study On Therapeutic Use of Psychoactive Substances Ends

Numerous research studies since 1972 have suggested that lysergic acid diethylamide can be used as an effective psychotherapeutic tool in the treatment of  alcoholism as well as many other illnesses. According to David Jay Brown of the Santa Cruz Patch; “early LSD studies with advanced-stage cancer patients showed that LSD-assisted psychotherapy could alleviate symptoms of anxiety, tension, depression, sleep disturbances, psychological withdrawal, and even severe physical pain. Other early investigators found that LSD may have some valuable potential as a means to facilitate creativity, problem-solving abilities” Source: Santa Cruz Patch . Despite its demonstrated effectiveness research related to lysergic acid diethylamide even today is considered to be taboo.  In this time of accelerated change when paradigms in all fields from technology to biology, to genetics change drastically from week to week perhaps it’s time the research community take a  second look at these substances for their therapeutic use and perhaps as a tool for cognitive expansion and  development.

See “Safe from Utopia?” : the LSD controversy in Saskatchewan, 1950-1967

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