Toyota and WiTricity team up to develop wireless charging

by associate contributor tmhwriter

Soon you will be able to wirelessly charge your Toyota Prius or plug-in hybrid  electric vehicle the same way you wirelessly charge your iPhoneToyota and WiTricity are teaming up to develop wireless charging technology for automobiles. According to the press release; “TMC believes that resonance wireless charging is suitable for automobiles and aims for its early practical use. The collaboration is aimed to accelerate development and eventual implementation of wireless charging for automobiles. The charging of a plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle could be as simple and convenient as parking near an embedded charger at a home or in a parking facility.” Source Toyota . With WiTricity’s magnetic resonance wireless technology power can be transmitted over short distances eliminating the need to plugin. For many years there has been a chicken and egg debate over which was to come first the electric car or the charging station, this technology bring us one step closer to an all electric transportation system.

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