Game Of Thrones Review

We here at Ebongeek have been watching this show for a few weeks now and surprisingly it is one the best fantasy shows to come along in many years. HBO has done an outstanding job at translating George R. R. Martin’s novels to the small screen. Game Of Thrones is a truly epic show that pulls the viewer in more and more with each episode. The show is haunted with a deep sense of impending danger as rumors of war and change loom just over the hill. The phrase “Winter is coming” repeated many times in the show hints at something that every character knows is about to emerge. Game Of Thrones is very adult in nature, its plots are complex and intricately interconnected as each story flows from one set of characters to another. At its core the show is all about the interlocking complex gears of political power, how to use influence to get power, how to keep power and what it costs an individual to have power.

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