Would you fly on an unmanned commercial aircraft?

Our editors posed this question to the Ebongeek staff and the results (as one would imagine) were quite mixed. We consider ourselves to be a modern, tech savvy bunch; optimistic about technology and its ability to improve the human condition. The idea of flying on an unmanned commercial aircraft however split our crew down the middle, half  voicing concerns over safety while others wanted to know where to sign up for the maiden flight. The aviation policy and technology to make unmanned commercial air travel possible is already underway. NextGen promises to change the way we fly by leveraging advanced next generation technologies. “NextGen will make the entire system more flexible, enabling it to respond to changing demands on flight operations, including the continued evolution of space transportation operations, and of unmanned aircraft systems operating in the NAS”. With the change from radar based air traffic systems to satellite based technology the notion of unmanned commercial air travel doesn’t seem at all farfetched. When one considers the use of  automatic landing systems and autopilot systems in day to day flights unmanned commercial air travel is just one step away.