Ray Kurzweil on the coming Technological Singularity

At the Presidential Conference in Israel Ray Kurzweil presented his thoughts and ideas on the coming Technological Singularity. Those that have followed Kurzweil’s work over the years may be familiar with his many inventions, his research and his ideas but the fact remains that many are not. In a world where some people fear smart-meters, social networking, wifi internet and smartphones; it is no wonder that Kurzweil’s ideas have yet to enter mainstream awareness. Nevertheless there are in fact numerous exponential technological changes that are taking place around world that will soon transform life as we know it. Disruptive technologiesdevelopments in computing, human augmentation, advanced robotics, artificial intelligence , transhumanismnanotechnology and genetic modification.  Ray takes on these topics making them accessible to both the layman as well as those well versed in these subjects. This lecture can serve as an excellent introductory crash course in “Singularity 101” for those that wish to learn more about the topics and their broad ranging social implications.