Job Seekers – Beware of the Mystery Company…

by associate contributor tmhwriter ~

Over the last decade, finding a job has become a pretty tough task, but within the last few years have you noticed companies are increasingly vague about what  they are looking for and what they are actually willing to pay.  Have you seen  jobs listings that show the company, the location, and nothing else?  Now companies  don’t even bother to provide a contact person, so good luck trying to find out more information.  If you are fortunate enough to get called back, the recruiter won’t reveal the company name or how much the position pays unless you are selected for an interview.  If you are not selected,  your information is added to “the database” which is essentially  a “Black Hole” because you will never get a call back or feedback.

Too bad we can’t just automate the job screening  process with a voice response system.  The staffing company or recruiter calls your hotline number and listens to your pre-recorded responses.  If selected,  they  press #2 to receive an updated version of your resume and salary requirements.  In the second stage, the company’s representative will  access an website  to view a web cast of your answers to the most common interview questions.  The third stage is the in-person interview  but the company must comply with your interview constraints, the two most critical:

1.  They must pay a flat rate for your time.
2.  There will only be one in-person interview
tmhwriter ~