Can lysergic acid diethylamide cure alcoholism?

Research during the 1950’s and 60’s showed promising results. “In the 1950s, researchers in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan began treating alcoholics with d-lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and achieved significant rates of recovery. Psychiatrists including Humphry Osmond who coined the term ‘psychedelic’ while working in Saskatchewan, believed that the successful treatment of alcoholism with biochemical means would scientifically prove that the condition was a disease and not the result of a weak or immoral character. Initial experiments demonstrated unprecedented rates of abstinence among alcoholics treated with LSD.”Source: Erika Dyck One possible scenario of the coming Singularity involves the use of biotechnology, genetic engineering, cybernetics and nanotechnology to improve the human condition, enhance cognitive ability and augment intelligence. For centuries ancient cultures have used entheogens (psychoactive substances) to alter perceptions, stimulate creativity and gain greater insights into the human mind. If these substances can be used to effectively treat diseases like alcoholism, what role will they play (if any) in the Singularity? ”

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