The Cellebrite UFED allows Law Enforcement to download all your smart phone data

“I am going to need to see your license, vehicle registration, proof of insurance and your cell phone” That is what you may hear next time you are pulled over by the police or federal law-enforcement thanks to the Cellebrite Universal Forensics Extraction device or UFED. With it police can capture your phone’s lock code, all deleted data including your deleted call history, text messages, images, phonebook entries and videos. The unit also allows law enforcement to access to internal application data, IMSI history, past SIM cards used and past user lock code history. This tool is powerful, mobile and like so many new 21st century technologies well ahead of the law. The debate over the use and possible abuse of these devices will surely be a hot topic in the coming months. It seems the Michigan State police already have these units in use in the field which has captured the attention of many civil liberties group most notably the ACLU. Read more here . Also check out the ACLU public letter on this issue.