GoPro HD Hero LCD BacPac

If you are looking for a high quality, inexpensive go anywhere do just about anything  HD video camera then the GoPro HD Hero with the LCD BacPac may be just what you are looking for. Our friends over at Lazy Tech Guys have an excellent in depth review of this product, you can check it out here .  “The HD video quality of the GoPro HD Hero is very good, in a lot of cases broadcast quality, as it is used in some reality shows.  One of the things that were holding back this versatile camera was the ability to see what you are shooting.Not only does having an LCD on the back of the camera help in seeing your framing and what you are shooting, it even tells you when you are recording, which usually you can only tell by looking at the front of the unit.” Source: Lazy Tech Guys contributor Victor B.  It’s small compact and has a host of cool additional accessories. What’s really exciting about this product is the ability to combine two Hero cameras into a 3D system

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