Black Prophecy US Closed Beta Report

Ebongeek was fortunate enough to get a spot on the US Closed beta release of  Black Prophecy and after 20 hours of play so far this game is in our opinion pretty impressive.

The client download and install on our Windows 7  64bit  test box went off without a hitch. We installed our Cyborg X flight stick and we were off. Game play is great (more on that later) but the cinematic cut scenes can be somewhat annoying given that 1. some cannot be by passed and 2. there seem to be two different levels of quality for the scenes neither of which are in HD. Some are entirely CGI while others are more like an animated featurette. This is somewhat confusing at times because you are not sure if the intent of the scene is to be informative, entertaining or both. Once you get past that however what you have here is a true space combat game wrapped in a free to play MMOG. The story mode does a fairly decent job of introducing you to the Black Prophecy universe, it’s history, factions and technology.

Character customization is pretty accommodating, on the up side allowing for a broad range of possibilities, on the downside you never ever really see your character interacting with other characters when docked at a station. Instead the player exists as a kind of disembodied consciousness floating about the station. Hopefully this will change by the time it is released in the US.  Given the fact that this is after all a free to play game we have no complaints.

Game play is quite impressive, Black Prophecy is one of the most beautiful space combat games we have ever seen. Once you start fighting the visuals, effects and music pull the player into the game and immediately you are overcome by a sense of urgency. In both PvP and PvE mode the goal of the game is simple; watch your six, keep your finger on the trigger and stay alive.